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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Trio 5

This season I have been posting three vintage images every few days for you to use in your holiday projects.  Most of these are from the old graphics booklets I have from the early 1920's.  These were used in advertising for furniture stores. 
There will be guest designers making projects using these festive images.  Make sure to check back every few days so you do not miss any of the holiday fun.  Today's guest designer is Yolanda.  She has designed for us before and each time her projects are more and more creative.  This time she has really come up with something special.  A christmas wreath using the candle image above.  Here is Yolanda's description of her beautiful and elegant wreath project. 

"This Christmas wreath has gone green. It was made only with things I had on hand.

• Basic green wreath
• Beaded ponytail holders
• Mesh Drywall Tape
• Wired ribbon
• Tags
• Foam Tape
• 9 images
• Markers
• Gold ink
• Antique Linen Distress Ink
• Green Christmas Tree hangers
• Twine to hang the wreath
Make it:
1. Ink edges of the tags and distress fronts using gold ink
2. Print, color and trim candle images on ivory card stock. Mine are 1.25” wide.
3. Stamp directly on top of each image with Antique Linen Distress Ink
4. Attach images to tags with foam tape
5. LOL--Make bow while watching how-to-video on YouTube
6. Wrap ribbon then mesh tape around the wreath stapling the ends together in back
7. Attach the bow (Everything except the ponytail holders is attached with straightened green ornament          hangers twisted around the wreath)
8. Attach tags
9. Attach ponytail holders
10. Tie twine around the top and hang it up

Yolanda's Bio:
I am an editor for a non-profit and married with three adult sons. I used to scrapbook a lot and dabbled in card making, but I didn’t become a serious card crafter until this May when I discovered Operation Write Home ( while on Facebook. My youngest son was about to deploy with the Army and it was the perfect thing for me to be doing. Now I have a second enlisted son. I’ve enjoyed getting to know people and being a blessing to troops and their families through this great organization. Card making has become a wonderful creative outlet for me. "
Check out Yolanda's Blog: to see more of her creativity at


  1. Thank you for these beautiful images!!

  2. I had to laugh! Yolanda used things she had at home for her wreath. What is she doing with beaded ponytail holders with sons in the service?

    Thank you for the images and Yolanda's wreath.


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