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Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Trio 13

Today our final Holiday Trio guest designer is Olga.  She is also from Russia.  I thank her for her patience as we had great difficulties emailing each other and lots of confusion with two Olgas from Russia hosting at the same time.  Olga has made an amazing book for all her holiday memories.  There are lots of details and some of the images I didn't recognize with all her intricate coloring.  Here is a description in Olga's words.
 " It is a mini album with my little daughter Sasha's winter photos, colored pictures related to winter and the New Year's. Each spread has the lyrics from Russian song "The Forest Raised a Christmas Tree". This song is the one I sing for Sasha when I rock her to sleep. Here are the pages with the Digital Tuesday images.  The last is empty.  I want use it for a photo for the new year. "

And the song:

The forest raised a Christmas tree,
Twas silent and serene
In winter and in summer
It was slender and so green.

The wind sang it a lullaby:
Sleep Christmas tree, sleep tight!
The snow was making clothes for it:
It was a pretty sight!

A trembling bunny himself
Beneath its arms so wide;
The hungry wolf just passed him by,
A lovely place to hide!

Some sleigh bells rang throughout the woods,
The snow was crisp and clean,
A horsey brought a forester
To hew that tree so green.

And now it comes to visit us,
With lights and garlands bright,
While all the children dance and sing
To greet it with delight!

You can see more of Olga's delightful  art work at  her blog

Thank you to all the terrific guest designers for Holiday Trio.  Each one of you made such original and challenging projects.  I would never been able to keep up with all the assignments if you all had not been so great.  Everyone got their assignments in early or on time.  I never worried once that all my followers would be disappointed. 

I hope you are all enjoying your holidays.  Unfortunately my daughter and I had a fun road trip planned but we got 15 inches of snow instead and are house bound for a day or so.  At least I didn't have to get up and figure out how to get to the office in all this snow.  I am looking out the window now deciding if I want to start shovelling or make something wonderful with all these images.  HMMM...  Not much of a choice!

Happy Holidays to all of you who make keeping this blog such a pleasure.


  1. Oh, mistake in post.
    My blos is
    You are welcome!

  2. These are so lovely!! Thank you so much!

  3. Thank you for your awesome Digi's You are wondeful hugs Cathy

  4. I love your digis, thank you for sharing

  5. Oh, I love the song....I had been looking for a Christmas tree song to add to some artwork I did before Christmas! This is perfect! Thanks for all your lovely images you've shared over the year!

  6. Olga, you created a book that will be treasured! Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Cora, thank you for the images.

  7. Gorgeous designs!!!
    Nice way to end this year!!!
    Looking forward to playing in 2011!!!

  8. Thank you girls! Happy New Year!

  9. these are fabulous.. amazing.. happy holidays to all

  10. I've just found your blog and have spent the last 2 hours reading through your posts - my goodness such talent and such lovely images. I have a question - I have some of my grandmother's children's books with wonderful pictures - how can I learn to turn those images into digis to use in my scrapbooks??? Thanks - Elaine M -


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