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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Digital Two for Tuesday 34

Every week I task a guest designer with making a project with one or two images. This week I challenged our guest hostess Juliet to make something with 72 images. She didn't let us down and has created a beautiful project that is sure to inspire you to take the challenge. When I first saw the purse she created, all I could say was wow. Make sure you visit Juliet's blog Ballpoint Bliss to see more of her exciting projects and cards. Here is her description of her project and her bio in her own words. " When I saw these two images, all I could think was INCHIES! Each image has 36 squares ready to print and cut for inchies. With a little juggling, I was able to print all 72 on a single sheet of paper. I first tested my margins on a sheet of plain white copy paper, to see if they would all fit, then whipped out a sheet of Poison Ivory Incandescent ( ). The Incandescent papers have an interference finish which makes the paper seem to glow, even through the coloring.

It might have been boring coloring 72 different images, but I kept switching it up - alcohol markers, water-based markers, pencils, glaze gelly pens, metallic pens, glitter pens, pencils, and a couple dozen which were not colored, but burnished with Tim Holtz distress inks (this was on my plain white test sheet - my incandescents were already cut apart at this point, and too small to hold down and burnish). Some of them were left square, others were punched, fussy cut, trimmed for layers, and most of them were finished on the edges with leafing pens.

A lot of people ask me what I do with inchies. I swap a lot of them online, and I like playing with my little collection the same way a toddler likes to play with blocks - sorting, stacking, and mostly just getting inspired by them. Sometimes a cluster of them will "ask" to be arranged together on an ATC or larger card. These little gems wanted to be walked about - I was able to fit 63 into the 8x10 pocket of my memory purse. "

Bio: Juliet Arrighi is currently trapped by snow in her colonial house in Northern Virginia. She lives there with her archnemesis, the last of her four demon spawn, an arthritic cat, two passionate parakeets, and a drowsy snake. She works as a freelance digital artist and papercrafts in her spare time.
I hope you take the challenge and create something to amaze us all. Please remember to post a link to it in the comments section of this post so we can all enjoy your creation!!


  1. your piece is ultra fabulous. it amazes me!!! I will try to do something!
    Thank you!

  2. I agree, all I can say is WOW too but I said it over and over again! This is an amazing piece of art that I would carry around in a heartbeat! I can imagine what it looks like IRL! Awesome job Juliet, absolutely awesome!

    the PaperTemptress

  3. Wow, great job with these inchies!!

  4. Oh my stars- Juliet you always amaze me with your talent!!! This is absolutely incredible!!! Yep I say she picked the perfect artist for those digital image! And, where did you find a purse like that??? WOWZERS!

  5. Here is my card.

  6. Oh, Wow!!! Love these images! --- Great job in using them!

  7. I am glad I hopped over.....Dbl Wow Juliet !
    You are absolutely amazing and so talented !!!

  8. Juliet - you have found your calling!! These inches are amazing and look lovely in your purse... :)

  9. Wow! What a talented lady you are, Juliet! Marvelous project!

  10. Amazing work so very creative and so inspirational I love it.

    Lorraine x

  11. oh my goodness gracious me - my jaw just dropped to the floor....... stunning!

  12. I just found your blog last week while bloghopping and loved it. I couldn't resist to try out one of the older images to make a card. You can see the card here is you like to see it.:
    Thanks for sharing these lovely images with us. :))


  13. Here is another project using this week's images.

  14. What a wonderfull idea, love love more love.
    Thank you cora and Juliet for that burst of joy and imagination. Well done girls.

  15. Englewood, Fla. is Juliet's mom checking up on her. Great website.


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