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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

To Sell or Not To Sell

My collection of antique magazines and books has gotten so large I am running out of room to store it. I have debated selling some of my stash that I have already posted on eBay or Etsy. I am not sure of the market for these items. I would like to sell them to people like you who will appreciate them. Do you prefer one selling site over the other? Would you purchase a vintage magazine? Please let me know your thoughts.




  1. I can't really make a comment as I love in New Zealand and do not use either Ebay or Esty - sorry I am no help.

  2. I probably would only buy if I saw something in it a particularly wanted--so would have to see it in person at a showing. The reason being that I also do not have room to keep them, and would only buy if I "had to have it".

  3. I don't usually buy vintage magazines but I think ebay is a good place to sell them. I am not sure where you are located but another good place is kijiji - but that might just be in Canada where I am. All the best to you. I enjoy your blog very much!

  4. I buy vintage sheet music sometimes, but not magazines. I know there is a good market for the advertisements in then, but that would require more work than just selling the mag as one item. Ebay and Etsy would be good, probably ebay if you have more popular titles.

  5. I'd buy old magazines...but prefer to deal direct with the seller and not go through eBay. Etsy would be my preferred venue. But keep me in mind....I lOVE old magazines!


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