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Friday, August 17, 2012


Ok, I need your help blogosphere.  Today I was scheduling some posts for the next week and the thing I dread the most has happened.  My blog's allotment for photos on Picasa Web Albums is full.  I use blogger.  I am not sure what to do.  I deleted a whole year's worth of posts and it made no difference.   I can buy more storage but it is a monthly fee.  I post the images for free so I really do not want to pay for the space.   Has this happened to any of you?  Do any of you have any suggestions on how I can get more storage space?


  1. I have had friends have the same thing happen...I believe they are just paying for it, unfortunately. Can't help. I use Blogger but I do my posts in Live Writer first....don't know if that makes any difference or not.

  2. I'm so sorry. My English is not good so I can not explain iut myself. Here is a german blog post. The side has a translater. I hope it will help
    Greetings from Germany

  3. I've had this happen twice. Instant panic! I tried a couple of things and somehow made more room so I could post more photos (at least for now). (1) I went back into a lot of my old postings and made the photos smaller, and (2)I deleted an old blog/Picasa web album that I didn't need any more. I don't know why deleting a year of your postings didn't help...Good luck to you!

  4. Hi! have to delete out of picassa, not just your blog,and the more you delete the more % you get back..that worked for me.

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  5. Unfortunately, I did delete them on Picasa as well. Over 500 images from 2007. I think that my images must have been small enough that they did not count. Unfortunately the digi images I try to post large so they are better for you to work with. Hmmm.

  6. Hi Cora,
    This has happened to me as well, but there's good news! You can post any photo that is under 800 dpi for FREE on Blogger. So what I do is open my hi-res photos and scans in Paint, click on "Resize", select by "Pixels", and then make sure my largest measurement is 800 pixels. I haven't had any space limitations since.
    Hope this helps and thanks for the lovely images!

  7. I just experienced that on my blog as well. Deleting the posts does not help - I tried that at first too. You must go into your Picasa web file and actually delete the pictures from there. Thats what I did and it worked fine. I am now making sure that all the pictures I post are reduced in size. I didn't know about the less then 800 dpi being free so I thank Vicki for that bit of info.

  8. Hello Cora,

    I hope things work out for you soon. I have no idea how to handle this situation, but my heart goes out to you.

    Hope you get the right answer soon,

  9. Cora, have you tried Drop Box to store your images? Here is the address
    Check it out hope this helps. Hugs Josie

  10. A few of you suggested drop box. Unfortunately that account is also full. I use that to transfer the images between my computers. One question. How do you put the images in drop box then transfer them to blogspot?

  11. If it's the digi's that are causing the problem because of the big size you could always upload the actual file to Dropbox in a sharing folder & put the link on here then just have a small size pic of it on the blog. There are other file sharing sites like Windows Sky Drive. Don't forget Dropbox gives you an extra 2gb storage for a year for every person you refer/ sign up.


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