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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Digital Two for Tuesday 103

Sorry, I did not have time to make these into digitized images.  I do think they will make great backgrounds.  I just got back from vacation in the Bahamas.  The hurricane Irene hit while we were there and then it took us 2 days to get home because the hurricane had moved to the northeast USA.  It was quite an adventure.


  1. These are fantastic, Cora. Thank you.

    I made a card with one of your vintage images. You can see it on my blog post at

    While you are there, check out my contest to win free digital scrapbook software.


  2. Air travel was a bit difficult with Irene! I'm glad I live on the west coast where we don't have to worry about hurricanes! I hope you were still rested and relaxed when you got home.

    Thank you for the images. They are wonderful.

  3. I love the dresses for that era. What great images and thank you.


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