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Friday, March 19, 2010

A Little Friday Bonus

Here is a little bonus for this week in case you were looking for something besides children's images.   This sailing image is from a children's book from the 1920's.  Happy Friday!


  1. This will certainly make a lovely man card!!

  2. This will be great for my pirate friends! (no, I'm not being silly, I have pirate friends, or at least friends who dress up as pirates for the renaissance faire)

  3. I stumbled across your site earlier this week and wanted to let you know how amazing your images are! If you don't mind we will be featuring a few this weekend on the Couture Cardstock blog - with proper credit of course.

    Thank you for your generosity,
    CarrieAnne DeLoach
    Couture Cardstock

  4. Thank you! So wonderful and beautiful. Love it!

  5. Gorgeous image. Always nice to have a masculine image.


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