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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Journals of Love Cancer Challenge

Shirley has requested that you send your journals directly to her unless you have a local hospital you are going to send your journals. Here is the address.
Shirley Nagel
PO Box 515
Glennville, Ca 93226

The drawing for the prizes will be on Sunday September 21 at 6:00pm. So be sure to send me photos of your journals before then at


  1. just to let you know I have made my journal can email it to you but if you would like to see it beofer you can see it on my blog
    this is mine love cheryl xxxx

  2. For more details on my journals you can see them at

  3. My Gym's participation at this year's L.A. Cancer Challenge is made possible by Scott Myers, Owner of My Gym Santa Monica. "It was a great honor to play a role in fostering the relationship between My Gym and the L.A. Cancer Challenge," said Myers. "This year's Kids Can Cure Fun Run offers a great opportunity for children to learn the benefit of giving and the importance of staying healthy." He adds, "My Gym brings together children and their families to make positive changes throughout the community. If we have the ability we to make a difference, then we should."


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